Paul Sims

Paul “Jolly Good Giant” Sims has been teaching miniature painting workshops at local (Massachusetts) events and Libraries for several years. He has run workshops here at Momocon, at Multiversecon and at a few other conventions.  Paul taught himself to paint miniatures back in 1990 something on miniatures from the Hero Quest board game and has been doing it off and on for years.
Paul loves to help new painters and will be hanging around in the Workshops Area for most of the convention. If you don’t get a chance to take one of his miniature painting workshops: Wereanimals (Reaper Miniatures), Forest Portals (Galladoria Games), Banshee Hover Tanks (Talon Games), Goliath Coin Painting (Goliath Coins), or Star Wars Models (no painting) feel free to stop by and ask him questions.
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