J-Live, born Jean-Jacques Cadet, was raised in Spanish Harlem, New York. He first garnered notice with the release of his 1995 single Longevity, with its classic B Side, “Bragging Writes”. He is commonly known as Justice Allah since adopting the culture of the 5% Nation. Upon graduating from SUNY Albany, he went on to teach middle school language arts in Brooklyn for several years, until his hip hop career took off. Known worldwide as a “hip hop teacher” he is actively involved in workshops, classes and speaking engagements. As an emcee, dee jay and producer, J-Live’s music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners of underground hip hop for over 20 years. His discography includes more than 15 full projects of his own, as well as countless guest appearances. The artists and producers J-Live has recorded and toured with are a who’s who of hip hop icons from DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Prince Paul, The Roots, Black Star, Wu Tang Clan, and many many more. J-Live has been consistently touring internationally throughout his career. His stage show continues to grow with his catalogue and combines his timeless classics with his latest most relevant singles. His set as an emcee, who DJs for himself while he rhymes, is considered one of hip hop’s all time, bucket list, must see shows.

J-Live will be performing Saturday night

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