A man that has love for rap music and all things geeky, especially anime! Gameboy got his start in music when his friends realized he had the ability to freestyle and pushed him to try rapping. He would take whatever song he covered and make a wide array of geeky references. This led to a few early viral Facebook videos that would convince him to keep pursuing music.

GameboyJones would later be known as the creator of the #GeekCypher, a rap where he would give as many geeky “bars” as he could and at the end tag other rappers to do the same. This would give him much notoriety in the nerdcore community with people such as Dan Bull who later convinced him to transition into making original music. Eventually after making a sound and style for himself GameboyJones now makes songs almost exclusively about anime. You can find him on YouTube where he will drop a new song every week (usually on Friday) about a new anime character or show.

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