Anime Rap Takeover

Just search Anime Rap on Youtube and it won’t be long before you notice the amount of collaboration between artists. Whether it’s cyphers, battles, or album/ single releases, Anime Rap artists enjoy true comradery. This is something that stands true throughout the fandom (gaming, anime, etc.) community. This creates a natural and authentic inclusion that sometimes can feel hard to find in more mainstream environments.

Anime Rap Takeover is focused on creating FOMO triggering live shows and events. Anime Rap Takeover creates a safe and inclusive home for everyone. No matter race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, or whatever character you choose to cosplay, A.R.T welcomes you. Music continues to bring people together.

This is our way of continuing tradition. Join numerous performers for panels throughout the weekend and the Anime Rap Takeover Tour on Saturday evening at MomoCon 2024!

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