Amy Chu


Amy Chu is a writer for comics and TV. Her most recent graphic novel is Carmilla: The First Vampire (Dark Horse / Berger Books). She also wrote two seasons of the Netflix anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. At DC and Marvel she has written popular characters such as Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and Iron Man. She is also known for her run on Red Sonja, and is the first woman to.write the KISS and Green Hornet series. For children, she has written the graphic novels Sea Sirens and Sky Island (Penguin Random House) and Ana & the Cosmic Race (Papercutz). Amy is a member of the faculty at the Kubert School and the School of Visual Arts and a board member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  She enjoys coffee, Lego, donuts and whiskey. You can follow her on instagram @amy_chu, tiktok @theamychu, and on Facebook/iwritecomics.

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