All hotels listed below are within comfortable walking distance to Georgia World Congress Center.  Atlanta is a large city, and we still recommend that parents accompany their kids at all times when in the city and at the convention.   Maps of the convention space will be available at a later date.

MomoCon 2015 will be located in the Georgia World Congress Center (Hall A) and Omni Hotel. The Omni will be the primary hotel for MomoCon hosting the some events, including overnight events. The Georgia World Congress Center will be host to the majority of functions including on site registration. The two will be directly connected by an air-conditioned bridge so you don’t have to walk outside going between venues. You can book at the Omni or our overflow hotels at this useful registration link.

Exploring around the hotel?  Feel free, with extra professional security and uniformed officers, the area around the GWCC will also be equipped with Atlanta Ambassadors (with neat pith helmets) around to help you get to local eateries and attractions!

Host Hotel:



Omni Hotel at CNN Center
190 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 659-0000


Booking information:

Omni – $135 per night

Other hotels – $99-139 depending on hotel

Rate FAQs

1) Will I have to pay up front for the rooms if I get the special $129 rate at the Omni?
Unfortunately yes, but the full amount is refundable until 14 days out from the convention

2)  Is there an out of pocket cost to book any of the rooms now, at any hotel? If so, which ones? No – there is no cost to book now. Nothing will be charged until the week of March 1 for the Westin and Omni, unless you choose the special rate mentioned above.

**Note: The Passkey system may list a note about full payment required, this is NOT accurate.  Please see #3 for details on when your card will be charged for bookings.  We are not able to access the incorrect text in Passkey to have it changed.**

3) When will the full charge be placed on the card? Week of March 1 (Westin and Omni) May 6th for the Holiday Inn. Other hotels – not until arrival.

4) What happens if I cancel tomorrow after booking? Nothing will be charged.

5) Why is it more expensive when I put 4 versus 2 people in the room?  Hotels charge extra per-person fees for the more people you list in a room.  If you only have two people in a room listed you can still get two beds, provided the inventory is still available.

6) I’m having trouble booking the room at the correct rate!  Email us at (and we will get you to the correct person) or use the help email on the Hotel booking site to get in touch with the housing bureau.