MAY 24th - 27th 2018 / Atlanta, GA


MomoCon 2018 Guest List


The majority of guests for MomoCon will be signing autographs for free, while some do charge a fee. + LEARN ABOUT AUTOGRAPHS.


  • A7L Props

    Prop Maker, Costume Fabricator, Robot Builder, Rocket Scientist. These are just a few of the titles that can be applied to Wayne Neumaier. Based out of Huntsville Alabama, aka Rocket City USA, Wayne spends his days designing, building, and testing rocket systems and his evenings blending science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to push the limits on cosplay and robotics.  

    Among his most well-known creations are Jim Lovell’s Apollo Moon Suit, Mark Watney’s Surface Suit from the Martian, and his three robots; Dalek Braun, R2-D2 Goddard, and BB-8 Weir. Facebook: facebook.com/A7LProps Instagram: a7lprops

  • Adrisaurus

    Adriana Figueroa (adrisaurus) is a vocalist best known for her covers of gaming and animation-related songs on YouTube. In addition to her work on YouTube, she has provided vocals for video games such as SMITE and various indie favorites.


    AKIOBOY promotes the idea that everyone's the main character of their life story & shouldn't allow society to define who they are.  Their logo, characters & videos represents staying young at heart while encouraging people to create themselves like character customization in a video game. AKIOBOY (ah-key-oh-boy) came about when a friend jokingly called Ronnie Moore Jr. (artist/founder) a "man-child" because of the characters he doodled all the time. With that in mind, Ronnie found it comical to name the brand based on that joke. "AKIO" is Japanese for "bright; shining man" which references a smart & focused individual, while "BOY" is ironically used to contradict the former (man-child). Check out their channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ9RvVcdNf3lJWXwQkE_URg for collaborations with Youtube singers such as Caleb Hyles and Twitch performer Raquel Lily.

  • April Borchelt

    April received her BFA from the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University in 2014 and is currently a full-time 2d Illustrator living in Atlanta, Georgia working on Paladins at Hi-Rez Studios. Her past clients include Nickelodeon doing Background Paintings for Spongebob Squarepants and being the lead artist for Puzzles by Joe on Clutter VI.

    In her free time, she paints pet portraits, Magic Card alters, and commissions of many kinds! Her fine artwork has also been exhibited in multiple Galleries around Atlanta as well as published in Game Informer Magazine and featured in childrens books.

  • Barbara Goodson

    Among the over 200 characters Barbara has voiced, she is most known for creating the voice of Empress Rita Repulsa on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mother Talzin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Naota in FLCL, Red Fraggle in the animated Fraggle Rock,  Granny Chiyo in Naruto, Lady Vashj in World of Warcraft, Sera and Marie Crystal in Robotech, Darling in Lady and the Tramp II, and Cruella Deville and Cinderella’s Step Mother in Disney-On-Ice. Barbara Goodson's career covers many genres. Recently, Barbara played the Wise Shaman in the indie sci-fi film Home Sweet Home, and can also be seen in the feature Good Satan as Mother Teresa, Cybil in Killer Granny, (Doug Jones's sister) Aunt Eloise in Cruel Will and Olga, The Crazy Landlady in the web series LaLaLand. She just finished playing Rozzie The Mah Jong Lady in an original play (hoping to go to Broadway) called My Mother’s Keeper, and the voice of Grandma in a new Arby’s commercial. She is truly grateful to all the fans that grew up with her and is very excited to meet them all!

  • Caleb Hyles

    Disney, Anime, Broadway, top 40: Caleb Hyles has done it all when it comes to cover songs! With his big heart and even bigger voice, Caleb has wowed millions across the globe with a multitude of musical styling and an infectious, positive attitude. Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, DeeDee Magno Hall, and many others for his musical prowess. Ever since his viral hit, “Let It Go”, dropped in 2014 Caleb has not stopped growing his YouTube channel which has grown over 650k subscribers.

    He continues to produce new content on a weekly basis and is expanding his reach onto other platforms, such as Twitch! This endeavor, along with this YouTube Gaming channel of the same name, Peace Love and Gaming, it is evident that big things are happening with Caleb.

    Be sure to check out his work on his website, YouTube, or Facebook!

  • Channel Awesome

    Doug Walker returns to MomoCon 2018, with a whole Channel Awesome crew in tow!  We'll be welcoming Doug Walker, from TGWTG, Bum and Doug Reviews, and Nostalgia Critic; Malcolm Ray appearing in The Nostalgia Critic; Tamara Chambers, appearing in The Nostalgia Critic and Tamara's Never Seen; and Rob Walker, The Other Guy and the guy behind the camera, to MomoCon from this great online media production company.

  • Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones is a comic book artist best known for his work on Young Justice and The Batman Strikes for DC Comics. He recently worked with Paul Cornell on Doctor Who: The Third Doctor for Titan Comics, and will be the artist on another Doctor Who series due out in early 2018. Christopher's other work for DC Comics includes Batman '66, Justice League Adventures, Batman & Robin, Day of Judgment and the cult series Young Heroes in Love.

    His work for Marvel Comics includes Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Marvel Superhero Squad. Other comics work includes the graphic novels Also Known As (written by Tony Lee) and Kolchak: Fever Pitch, the SF series Parallel Man, Gargoyles: Bad Guys, and the comic book adaptation of the cult horror favorite Re-Animator. He is also the co-creator of Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink with writer/cartoonist John Kovalic. Christopher also helped found the Minnesota-based sci-fi convention CONvergence and created its robotic mascot Connie.

  • Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller is an independent game designer from Atlanta, GA. and has been a part of the local gaming scene since the early 80's. A regular at Titan's games & comics and a long-time volunteer at Dragon Con, Chris has always had a passion for role-playing. He has dabbled in professional acting as well, appearing in several feature length films. He also enjoys performing on stage, most notably as Brad Majors in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In fact, Chris has been a cast member of Atlanta's own live Rocky cast; "Lips Down on Dixie" for over twelve years. Chris is an avid military historian and enjoys medieval combat, martial arts (holding a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) and historical reenacting. In 2015 he created Chris Miller Games (CMG) and has since produced several indie games.

  • Crispin Freeman

    Crispin Freeman has done extensive voice work in video games; Winston in Overwatch, Helios the Sun God in God of War III, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Bayonetta 2 to name a few.

    He's worked on a myriad of anime including, Alucard in Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, Durarara, Fate/Zero, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Slayers, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, & Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo. He also runs a podcast on voice acting at VoiceActingMastery.com.

  • Freeside Atlanta

    Located just south of downtown Atlanta, Freeside Atlanta is a community of makers, tinkerers, engineers, programmers, artists, teachers, and lunatics. As a community, we have built out our space with tools and equipment for electronics, 3D printing, woodworking, metalworking, art, design, classes, and events. Everything you see in our space was donated or built by members. Our members are engaged in amazing projects and love to share knowledge. We also develop and work with open source and free technology wherever possible, and try to release our creations under variants of the Creative Commons license. You don't have to be a Freeside member to come to our events or take our classes. We encourage you to come out to the Tuesday night Open House that we have every second and fourth Tuesday at 7:30 PM, or to any of the other public classes or events that we have on Meetup. Come check the place out and see if this is a community that you'd be interested in joining!

  • Geekspace Gwinnett

    Geekspace Gwinnett is a makerspace located in Suwanee, Georgia, serving Gwinnett County and beyond. It is a nonprofit organization where makers from all disciplines, including cosplayers, can gather to tinker and develop their creative talents across various platforms, initiatives, and projects. Members’ experiences range from game development, wood-working, metal fabrication, various engineering backgrounds, forging metal, costume design, painting, and the list goes on. http://www.geekspacegwinnett.org/

  • Haiden Hazard

    From a very young age Haiden has loved costumes and dressing up. While attending her first convention in 2013 she discovered the world of cosplay and fell in love. Since that time she has taken her love for anime, gaming, super heroes and sci-fi and brought them to life through the art of cosplay. Haiden is now an internationally recognized, award winning cosplayer many times over, not only for her outfits, but props as well. When not working on crafting costumes, armor and props you can find her either working on her YouTube channel or streaming on Twitch. Her skills include but are not limited to: Waiting until the day before the convention to finish her costumes, touching her nose with her tongue, spray painting, telling bad jokes and writing in third person.

  • Jenevieve Broomall

    Jenevieve Broomall is a popular Cover Illustrator. She is most commonly known for her portrayals of female characters on her Covers but also enjoys drawing monsters/video game art, character designing, and is moving to interiors. She has published Covers with clientele ranging from Valiant, IDW, Tales Told LLC Lady Death Series, Aspen/Big Dog Ink, Zenescope, Devil's Due Publishing, and more Independent companies spanning the last six years.

  • Jonathan Young

    Jonathan Young is a singer, multi-instrumentalist producer & cover artist on YouTube. With his deep "Disney Villain" voice, Jonathan's YouTube channel has been steadily growing since 2014 thanks to his weekly music videos reimagining nerdy, nostalgic & popular songs in different styles. He's best known for his rock & metal covers of Disney songs, and his viral english adaptations of Anime openings.

  • Kari Wahlgren

    From Animation to Anime to Video Games, Kari Wahlgren is one of the top voice actresses in Los Angeles. Her first role as Haruko in FLCL remains a fan favorite, and her voice can be heard in Emmy and Academy Award-winning animated films and TV shows. Major Animation Roles Include: Chloe Carmichael in The Fairly Oddparents, Tigress in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Jessica/ Rick’s Spaceship in Rick and Morty Shandra Jimenez in Gravity Falls, Starfire in Justice League VS. Teen Titans movie, Charmcaster in Ben 10, Emma Frost in Wolverine and The X-Men Li’l Suzy in Phineas and Ferb, Anka in Archer, Enchantress and Jane Foster in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Saturn Girl in Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League Cosmic Clash, Mina in Bunnicula, Letta Turmond in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Major Anime Roles Include: Haruko in FLCL, Fuu in Samurai Champloo Saber in Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night, Celty in Durarara, Kagami in Lucky Star, Tayuya in Naruto, Anemone in Eureka 7, Robin in Witch Hunter Robin Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Major Video Game Roles Include: Jedi Female Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ashe in Final Fantasy XII, Tessa in Skylanders, Proctor Ingram in Fallout 4, Vex in Skyrim, Caithe in Guild Wars 2, Raine in Tales of Symphonia

  • Kate Leth

    Kate Leth is a comic, animation and tweet writer. Currently working on various secrets at Hasbro as well as her own personal comics on Patreon, she is the words behind Spell on Wheels and Patsy Walker AKA HELLCAT. She has written comics for Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock, Vampirella and many more. This is her first time in Georgia. Wow!

  • Kimberly Brooks

    Born and raised in Southern California, Kimberly Brooks is an industry proven voiceover dynamo, gaining recognition for her performances on many respected animated shows and interactive video games, and has been performing since she was eight years old.

    She got her start in animation voiceover on Nickelodeon's, Rugrats. She can also be heard on Netflix’s reboot of Voltron voicing Princess Allura, on Nickelodeon’s Winxs Club voicing Stormy, on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe as Jasper, on Comedy Central's South Park as Classi, as well as many other animated shows.

    Kimberly’s work in interactive video games includes Ashley Williams on the Mass Effect Series. She can also be heard on the Batman: Arkham game series as the ORACLE, as well as the notable roles as Daisy Fitzroy in BioShock Infinte: Burial at Sea and BAD JUJU in the more recent Skylanders: Imaginators.

  • Kyle Hebert

    Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Wreck-It Ralph/Street Fighter 5 (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), League of Legends (Ezreal, Jarvan, and Graves), Kakyoin (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from the Funimation dub of Dragonball Z and currently voices Gohan and in Dragonball Super. For more info, visit www.kylehebert.com.

  • Lucie Pohl

    Lucie Pohl is a German-American TV & Film actor, comedian, writer and the voice of Mercy from Blizzard Entertainment's OVERWATCH. Lucie can be seen as the biggest female guest lead on the new season of the cult UK TV show RED DWARF XI, as well as appearances in Showtime's HOMELAND, Warner Bros. FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, David Chase's NOT FADE AWAY and over 30 other US + international Film + TV productions. Lucie has written three solo comedy shows which have toured in the US and internationally to sold out houses, received 5 star reviews and been nominated for the NY Innovative Theater Award. Her show Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler will have its OFF Broadway debut in New York at the Cherry Lane Theater in July. Check Lucie out online on instagramTwitter and her website http://www.luciepohl.com/

  • Mark Russell

    Mark Russell is the writer behind The Flintstones, Snagglepuss, and Prez. He also wrote two books about the Bible called God Is Disappointed in You and Apocrypha Now. He lives a temperate existence in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and son.

  • ProZD

    SungWon Cho is a voice actor. You also may know him as ProZD online where he makes videos on YouTube/Twitter/Tumblr/all the social medias. He loves his cats Effie and Sophie very much.

  • Sanford Greene

    Sanford Greene has worked professionally in the comic illustration and related industries for over 15 years. Working for mainline publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics. You can see his most recent work on the hit Marvel series “Powerman and Iron Fist" as well as covers for “Black Panther”. Soon to come will be is new creator owned project "1000" produced by the vastly rising web content provider, WEBTOONS.

  • Scott Hunt

    Scott Hunt is an Art Director at Moxie/ROAR in Atlanta and the lead paper crafter for the Arby's social media accounts. A 2000 Illustration graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design, he has done paper craft, packaging design, costuming and environmental/set design for both international brands and local nonprofits; including Atlanta Pride, Voices of Note, The Home Depot, Spanx, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Dippin' Dots Ice Cream. He is the dad of three diabolically talented children and proud husband of "white lion" Brandon D Hunt. To see current projects or to contact Scott, visit scottandrewhunt.com.

  • Sean Schemmel

    Sean Schemmel is a biological entity known as a "human" born November 21st 1968 in Waterloo, Iowa.  In 1999, there was an open casting call for a show called Dragonball Z. Sean's friends who had always been thoroughly encouraging and impressed with his ability to do character voices and impressions, insisted he audition. To which he replied, "No, I just wanna be a french horn player". But after much prodding, he went to the audition and landed the lead role of Goku. So he switched careers moved to New York City, and managed to continue voice acting multiple roles on many hit shows such as Pokemon, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kappa Mikey, Speed Racer, Winx Club and 12 different thumbs on Thumb Wrestling Federation.

    Sean was also an ADR director for NYAV Post, where adapted for english and directed numerous anime titles including Space Pirate Mito, Midori Days, Sadamitsu: The Destoyer, and Ah! My Goddess. Sean has also lent his voice to many video games, including the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Dark Knight Rises for iPad/iPhone/Android, all Dragonball Z games as Goku, King Kai, and Nail, Jason in Gangstar Vegas, and many others.

  • SpatCave Studios

    Spat Oktan of SpatCave Studios is a Special Effects Make-Up Artist, Costume and Prop Maker and general Ne’er Do Well who is well known in both the Indie/Low Budget Film circles, as well as the Sci-Fi/Comic Book Convention World.  He has worked on many Indie Films over the years, including: Hard Rock (w/ Michael Wright); Bullets Over Brownsville; Trenches (w/ Daz Crawford); Last Day of Summer (w/ DJ Qualls and William Sadler); Star Wars: Revelations; Serial (w/ Lauren Valez); Bad Kids Go To Hell (w/ Ben Browderand Judd Nelson), and its sequel – “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy” starring Gina Gershon, Drake Bell and Sean Astin. His costuming work has also appeared in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game (in which he also appears as a character), in the AvP Universal Studios attraction, and recently in a 4 page spread for Cosplay Culture magazine.  And he’s even been a character in a Comic Book (Adventures of a Comic-Con Girl)!  He and his crew have also made many of the Cosplay costumes you see wandering around your favorite conventions!  He was also the lead makeup artist for The Walking Dead Experience in Atlanta. Tales of his on-set and convention antics are well documented at his website: spatcave.com, and his Facebook page – www.http://Facebook.com/spatcavestudios

  • TaLynn Kel

    TaLynn Kel is a writer, cosplayer, and activist in Atlanta, Georgia. She writes about racism, cosplay, interracial relationships, and pop culture through the lens of social justice. She conducts panels on these topics at fandom conventions both in and out of Georgia. Her work has been featured by NBC, Safety Pin Box, and Fabulize Magazine. Her essays have been published on Black Girl Nerds, The Establishment, Huffington Post, and Everyday Feminism.

    TaLynn’s cosplay was featured on NBCNews.com, Ravishly.com, Black Girl Nerds, Pop Culture Uncovered, The Lex Factor Show and Attack of the Blerds podcasts. She’s also been featured on the Dear Sugar Radio podcast to discuss the challenging aspects of being in an interracial relationship.

    You can find her work on her website, Breaking Normal at www.talynnkel.com. Her book, Breaking Normal, contains many of the essays she published in 2016 and is available on Amazon. She is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle @TaLynnKel.

  • The Nerd Tailor

    Chris is a master cutter/draper, tailor, and textile expert working in the Atlanta TV and film industry.  His credits include: The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, Constantine, and most recently, the remake of the classic 80s soap, Dynasty.

    He has a background of more than 15 years of experience in theaters across the eastern seaboard, including a Broadway run on the 2009 revival of Finian's Rainbow. Chris specializes in period costume and menswear, and is among the top period costume specialists in the area. You can check out his work on his facebook page

  • Tom Bancroft

    Tom Bancroft has almost 30 years of experience in the animation industry, most of which was for Walt Disney Feature animation where he was an animator for 12 years on films like: “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin”, “Pocahontas”,“Mulan”, “Tarzan” and “Brother Bear”. He created the character of "Mushu" the dragon for the film "Mulan".  After Disney, he worked with Big Idea Productions as a Supervising Director/ Co-creator for a Veggietales DVD series. His popular character design instruction books, “Creating Characters with Personality” and “Character Mentor” have become the most recognized books on designing characters and are required textbooks at many art schools around the world. Tom is half of the popular “The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast”, with his twin brother Tony.  Additionally, Bancroft is Artist in Residence of the new Animation undergraduate program at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his family.

  • Triforce Quartet

    The Triforce Quartet is a traditional string quartet that plays video game music. The beginnings of the Triforce Quartet began innocently as a short Zelda medley for an encore of a recital in early 2007, but the video of using traditional string quartet instruments to play music of classic games gained viral popularity later that summer. Thanks to this, cellist Chad Schwartz was able to combine his love for video games, along with years of classical training, to arrange a variety of video game themes that even non-gamers can enjoy. The four members of the Triforce Quartet take audience members on an unforgettable musical journey.

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