MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA


Prop Policy

Costuming has been a part of MomoCon since its inception.  We understand the time and effort it takes to craft the multitude of outfits and props that come through our doors every year.  Props of all types can be a huge part of a character.  However, the reality is that some props are not appropriate or safe in a public convention environment.  To ensure that all attendees have an enjoyable and safe time at MomoCon, we have the following policies regarding all props.  They are based upon Georgia Law as well as consideration to our venue’s needs.

Violation of these rules may result in a warning, having your prop removed from the convention grounds, or having your badge pulled and yourself escorted off the convention property.  The most severe violations may result in action by the Atlanta Police Department.

Please note that all rules can be superseded the day-of con by requests from the venue, security, or the Atlanta Police Department.  Consideration will be taken into account for any last minute changes of this nature.


General Crafted Prop Guidelines:

A prop check station is available near Registration for those with prop items.  Inspected props may have a zip tie or tyvek paper wristband affixed by security around it to mark that it has been reviewed.  It is possible that you will be asked to show the tie or wristband by multiple staffers through the course of the convention.  We will take all reasonable precautions to not damage your item.

Oversized props that pose a mobility hazard through doors, stairways or elevators are prohibited.  Recommended dimensions are less than six feet in any direction; items in excess will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Overweight props that pose a danger to persons or property if dropped are prohibited.  Recommended weight is less than 30lb.  Items in excess will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Any prop, outfit, or armor piece must not be made of a material that can that can injure a passerby via a sharp edge, point, spike or stud.

No explosives or chemicals including, but not limited to, fireworks, smoke pots, flash paper, etc.

Objects that can generate excessive noise, light, smoke, or confetti are prohibited in convention space.

Props cannot be thrown, tossed, shot, or swung regardless of its construction and functionality. They must be under the holder’s control at all times.  No exceptions will be made for boffer/LARP weaponry or sparring equipment.

Sports equipment is allowed.  They cannot be used to strike objects while at the convention ie. hitting baseballs or slap-shooting hockey pucks; equipment must be held under control at all times.  They are subject to all the size, weight, and material restrictions listed above.

Props must be secured to a costume or held in a manner in such that they do not endanger or entangle others. Be aware that the convention may become quite crowded and take appropriate precautions.

Do not point at a person or brandish the prop in a threatening manner outside of posed photos.

Realistic looking prop crafted grenades, bombs, mines (explosives) should have a strip of orange electrical tape visible wrapped around the body of the device unless it already has one thru the pin as stated immediately above.

Chains and ropes are limited to 3ft in length if they are uncoiled or used to attach to prop weapons ( example: kusarigama, morningstars).They cannot hang in such a manner as to pose an entanglement or trip hazard. They cannot be swung and must be under control at all times. Ropes/chains completely integrated into clothing or coiled into bundles (not hanging loosely) are not limited to 3 feet.

Chains cannot be of heavyweight metal gauges; lightweight plastic linked chains are available via a variety of sources.

Bows and crossbows can be strung but they must not have enough tension to fire an arrow or object with any appreciable speed. Bows should ideally not be capable of firing projectiles.

Arrows and bolts must either be completely blunt or the arrows heads be made of a soft material such as foam or rubber.

MomoCon takes place across multiple venues in the downtown area, including the Omni Hotel, Georgia World Congress Center, and surrounding spaces. These areas prohibit some or all of the following: firearms, metal swords/blades, all live steel capable of holding an edge (sharpened or not). Additionally the CNN Center prohibits face coverings, masks, oversized bags, or large props. You may be asked to put away these items in prohibited areas, we highly recommend you not bring these items in the CNN Center as they are extremely strict.  CNN Center is not part of the convention space and as such have their own rules and regulations.

Additional Recommendations for any Firearm Props

  1. Transport your prop to and from the convention in a bag or box rather than out in the open.
  2. Use proper discipline
  3. Fingers off the trigger unless posing for a photo.
  4. Do not point it at anyone unless posing for a photo.