MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA


Other Events


Apart from the standard events, we at MomoCon like to tantalize you with a plethora of assorted offerings and alternative events that you might not see other places.  We are always looking for new and innovative events, including (but not limited to) art contests, screenings, karaoke, swap meets, and much more!  We currently do not have any specialty MomoCon On Tour events confirmed at this time, but several are in the works! Got a suggestion for a MomoCon on Tour event?  Let us know!  We are always looking for the next opportunity to host events all throughout the Southeast!

MomoCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta are coming together this holiday season to celebrate this Giving Tuesday with all of you to provide help and support to children right here in Atlanta! Join us for Cons for a Cause, a special holiday event, held Dec 8th at Anime-Zing Escape, to play games, have fun, and raise money to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Join us on Dec 8th from noon to 3pm for door prizes, donation raffles, and much more! We’ll have special unique prizes (signed by guests of the conventions and rare finds!) stay tuned to social media and the event page for announcements about specific items over the next two weeks! Facebook event

(Photo by Amanda W. from MomoCon 2018!)


Tokyo Attack Arcades at DragonCon 

MomoCon has partnered with Dragon Con to bring the excellent Japanese arcades from Tokyo Attack to Dragon Con! From Dance Dance Revolution, to Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, join us this year to move, groove, and get your arcade on!

More information about Dragon Con



MomoCon and the Anime Village at Japanfest!

MomoCon is happy to partner with Japanfest, the Southeast’s largest Japanese cultural festival, to bring the Anime Village!  Featuring guests, speakers, vendors, and games, the Anime Village has a little something for all fans!  Join JapanFest for a great celebration of Japanese food, fashion, history, and culture!!

Admission to Japanfest is required for many of the stops and the Anime Village, more information: http://www.japanfest.org/


Previous Events

MomoCon Swap Meet – August 23rd, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk Competition – Oct. 18th, 2009

EGL Afternoon Tea – February 20th, 2010

MomoCon Crafts and Caffeine – December 19th, 2015

Cosplay Bowling – April 15, 2016

Kids Craft Time by MomoCon – July 12th, 2016

Pokemon Go Douglasville – July 23rd, 2016

Summer Crafternoon by MomoCon – July 26th, 2016

Pokemon Go Lawrenceville – Aug 2016

Geeks & Brews (with Southern Sky Brewery) – Aug 19, 2017

Retro Sing-Along Adult Karaoke! – March 3rd, 2018