MomoCon 2020 Will Be Virtual

While 2020 has been a year of significant change, one thing we did not want to change was bringing you awesome panels and events and much more fun on Memorial Day Weekend! MomoCon goes virtual with MomoConline, May 21st – 24th! During the 4 days we will be featuring livestreamed panels and events on Twitch, exclusive merchandise on our MomoCon Shop, a community-focused Discord Server to interact with your fellow fans, an Online Cosplay Showcase and #MomoCosplayDay, and even an MomoCon-themed Animal Crossing Island and merchandise! Be sure to see more details below.

MomoConline panels and events are free and do not require a registration.


MomoCon’s 2020 merchandise plan was already in full swing, and we are excited to share with you some new MomoCon merchandise that you can order from our online shop! Some of the new highlights include a 2020 hero and villain t-shirts,  MomoCon d6 dice set, and even chopsticks! We are processing orders daily, so if you place your order before May 11th you may even get it in time for MomoConline! Order online at

Shop With Our Vendors and Artists

We have been highlighting the amazing diversity of our artists and vendors on MomoCon’s Twitter page for the past several weeks, and will continue to do so each day. You can help support these small businesses by visiting their online stores and websites. We have a vendor list and artist alley list online right now.

Twitch Livestream

MomoCon’s multiple Twitch channels will be active over May 21st – 24th, with featured content each day. We anticipate releasing a full schedule of events around May 15th right here on this page. But you don’t have to wait until May 21st to participate! Leading up to MomoConline be sure to catch both rebroadcast and new panel content from 7PM – 10PM every Thursday and Saturday. Be sure to follow the MomoCon channels at for all updates of when we go live.

Featured Guests and Speakers

Click the individual guest photos to find autograph and video opportunities for individuals!

Greg Baldwin
Avatar: TLA, Legend of Korra, Samurai Jack

Mr Creepy Pasta
Online Personality

Faye Mata
Love Live! Konosuba

Emi Lo
Nichijou, Online Personality

Suda 51
No More Heroes

Fumihiko Yasuda
Nioh, Ninja Gaiden II

Rachel Thompson
Goblin Slayer

Hayden Daviau
Goblin Slayer

Jonah Scott
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Beastars

Kellen Goff
My Hero Academia, Five Nights at Freddy’s

Hiroshi Matsuyama
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, DBZ: Kakarot

Dan Salvato
Doki Doki Literature Club

Phil LaMarr
Samurai Jack, MadTV, Futurama

David Hayter
Metal Gear Solid

The World Needs Heroes: Overwatch Voice Actors Panel

Click the individual guest photos to find autograph and video opportunities for individuals!

Anjali Bhimani (voice of Symmetra)

Boris Hiestand (voice of Sigma)

Carolina Ravassa (voice of Sombra)

Chloe Hollings (voice of Widowmaker)

Feodor Chin (voice of Zenyatta)

Jeannie Bolet (voice of Echo)

Jen Cohn (voice of Pharah)

Johnny Cruz (voice of Lucio)

Jennifer Hale (voice of Ashe)

Lucie Pohl (voice of Mercy)

Josh Petersdorf (voice of Roadhog)

Chillin' With Voice Actors

Valerie Arem (Persona 5 Royal, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Catherine: Full Body)

Joe Ochman (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Red Dead Redemption, Fire Emblem)

Jamieson Price (Fate/Zero, Tokyo Godfathers, Mortal Kombat)

Mela Lee (Apex Legends, Miraculous Ladybug, Fate/Stay Night)

Heather Halley (Metal Gear Solid 3, Honey & Clover, Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

Brock Powell (Mob Psycho 100, Lupin The 3rd, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Moderated and Cast by Jeff Burns

Featured Company Presentations

Official MomoCon Discord Community

One of the things that makes MomoCon the awesome experience for you is the interaction with other fans. We are excited to announce an official MomoCon server community, where you can interact with other fans all year ’round! And you can join right now at

Discord will play a big part in how we interact with fans during our MomoConline livestreams, panels, and events. We will even feature some giveaways on the channel during the online event May 21st – 24th. So be sure to join the community today!

Online Tournaments

With the help of great partners, MomoConline will be running multiple video game tournaments. All tournaments are free entry and will be played and streamed online.  You can view most of the livestreams on

Valorant May 16th: Hosted by Allmid with a $2000 prize pool

Register before May 16th on Smash.GG | Watch Live Stream Saturday, May 16th and Saturday, May 23rd on AllMid’s Twitch.

Tekken 7 May 23rd: Hosted by 4o4 Esports with a $500 prize pool.

Register before May 22nd on Smash.GG | Watch Live Stream Saturday, May 23rd on 4o4’s Twitch.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r]: Hosted by UGL with a $500 prize pool

Register before May 22nd on Smash.GG | Watch Livestream Saturday, May 23rd on UGL’s Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege: Hosted by Microsoft Store Perimeter

Register before May 20th on Smash.GG | Watch Livestream Thursday, May 21st on Microsoft’s Mixer.

League of Legends: Hosted by Microsoft Store Perimeter

Register before May 21st on Smash.GG | Watch Livestream Friday, May 22nd on Microsoft’s Mixer.

Fortnite: Hosted by Microsoft Store Perimeter

Register before May 22nd on Smash.GG | Watch Livestream Saturday, May 23rd on Microsoft’s Mixer.

Halo: Hosted by Microsoft Store Perimeter

Register before May 23rd on Smash.GG | Watch Livestream Sunday, May 24th on Microsoft’s Mixer.

Cosplay Showcase


We know everyone worked incredibly hard on their cosplay, and right now it is gathering dust. So why don’t you bring out that cosplay and take a few pictures? You can share those pictures under the hashtag #MomoCosplayDay across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok among others and on Saturday May 23rd we will highlight some of the best examples as a part of our Online Cosplay Showcase, and through the MomoCon Discord Server. (Photo featuring AllieCat Cosplay by Solita Delacruz Photography)

Online Cosplay Showcase

One of the marquee events of MomoCon every year has been our Craftsmanship Costume Contest. While not quite the same experience as our contest at the convention, we are presenting a special showcase event to highlight some amazing cosplay talents, which we will stream live on MomoConTV on Saturday May 23rd at 7PM EST. We are asking for your short video submissions of your best new cosplay so we can highlight all of your amazing work!

Instructions to VOTE HERE for your favorites before Saturday at 6pm!

Tabletop Games on Board Game Arena

It wouldn’t be MomoCon without some games!  Join us at Board Game Arena (you can join our team here!) for sessions with our tabletop gaming teachers all weekend!  Want to learn to play something on BGA?  Let us know in the Discord and we can teach you!

MomoCon Island - Animal Crossing New Horizons

We’ve created a mini-MomoCon in in Animal Crossing New Horizons with an official MomoCon Island! You are able to visit, and even trade items in our take 1, leave 1 area on a regular basis. Join our Animal Crossing community channels on Discord, and Facebook Group, and we will keep you updated with all of the opening times, and special events that will take place. You can check it out before, or even during MomoConline.  Be sure to get your official MomoCon shirts and ‘Momo’ the Monster Kigurumi below or by visiting Able’s Shop on our island.

MomoCon Merchandise in Animal Crossing

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