MomoCon Update

Information about Winterfest by MomoCon (Dec 18-19, 2021) is coming soon.  This event does not affect any rollovers (your purchased membership for MomoCon 2021 will roll to MomoCon 2022, not to Winterfest).

Updated 2/27/2021

We have been monitoring a multitude of factors and options for events of our size throughout the past year, and conferring with numerous partners for venues, hotels, and more to find a safe option for MomoCon 2021. Unfortunately, despite holding out hope to gather again and welcome our fandom family back to Atlanta in the Spring/Summer, the current situation necessitates we make the decision to cancel MomoCon 2021 due to the current state of the pandemic, its projected timeline, and CDC gathering guidance to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. 

We have not made this decision hastily, easily, or without thorough investigation of all available options for alternate 2021 dates. However, the uncertainty about the future of the entire events industry also pushing events further into the calendar year has made that option not one we are able to pursue for our standard event.

We want to thank everyone–volunteers, panelists, guests, partners, attendees, and fans for taking part and being excited about future MomoCon events. It’s been a tough time for all of us. We can’t wait to see you all as soon as we can, and we appreciate your patience  as we continue to make sure when MomoCon come back, we are doing it the right way.


Attendees who have purchased 2020 or 2021 memberships that are still active will automatically be rolled over to MomoCon 2022, May 26-29th, 2022. Purchasing and keeping your rolled over membership is the best way to help us keep MomoCon coming back in the future! You will not receive another confirmation for this option, you’ll use your existing confirmation email at Registration on site to pick up your badge at MomoCon 2022.

We understand that some may not be able to attend the 2022 dates, and have extended a refund period from now until April 1st, 2021. To request a refund, please contact us at

Refunds may take 30 days to process, and may be delayed if card information has changed.

Future Offerings

In December we will be hosting an in-person event, still featuring guests, vendors, cosplay, arcades, and much more! Join us Dec 18-19th, 2021 for Winterfest by MomoCon! More details to be announced soon!

Please note all MomoCon 2021 memberships will be rolled over to MomoCon 2022, Winterfest is a wholly separate event and, due to its location and date, your membership from 2021 cannot be rolled over to it.

We will be working with guests and agents booked for MomoCon 2020 and 2021 throughout the coming weeks to ensure as much of the awesome event we’ve been planning can carry forward to the new year, but please bear with us as some guests may have scheduling conflicts due to the time of year. We want to bring you the best event possible to end the year with and will do everything in our power to keep the awesome set of guests and amenities we have now while adding new features to help fill in for those guests and partners who cannot attend the new dates.

MomoCon will be back May 26-29th, 2022.

Thank you for your patience on further updates and support, as this will take some time.


Hotel blocks for MomoCon 2021 in our host hotels were not available for the event.

Reservations made directly through a hotel must be cancelled directly with that hotel or booking service. Please refer to your reservation confirmation for refund information for direct hotel or third party bookings, as MomoCon is unable to intervene in these circumstances.

Travel bookings for most major airlines have been made more flexible for transfers due to the current situation; if you have booked a ticket, please contact your airline directly for available options.

Vendors/Artists/Contest Participants/Panelists 

If you are a vendor, artist, or indie game developer registered for MomoCon, look for an email from us with your options. Should you have questions, feel free to reach out to or

Participants who have submitted for the AMV contest will have information forthcoming about virtual options. Panelists will receive communication from the programming department via email shortly for their options.


Why can’t the main MomoCon just move later in the year?

Unfortunately for the past 11 months (and continuing), the entire events industry has been put on hold. Most events that were scheduled to be held in 2020 have shifted a year (or more) and the later dates in all venues across the city are extremely busy, full or do not have the amount of space needed to accommodate the full convention. In addition, certain locations/venues don’t allow us to provide for the high quality convention experience you are accustomed to and we in no way want to host a disappointing event.

If I carry over my membership/dealers booth/artist space, will it apply to MomoCon 2022, a digital event, or Winterfest in 2021?

Any and all carry over memberships and booths/tables apply to MomoCon 2022, as it will be a similar value and price point. If you wish to participate in Winterfest in December, thank you! More information will be available soon. 

We are not planning any large scale digital events in 2021, however, we will have smaller opportunities and contests available on our streaming platforms (, These are NOT replacement con events, only additional fun things to connect however we can until we can get together in person again!

Will you host other events in 2021 provided vaccines roll out and COVID-19 rates go down?

Yes! As soon as it’s safe to host in person events, we are EXTREMELY EXCITED to get started with a lot of the MomoCon on Tour events you’ve been a part of for the last 14 years. We want to host dances, contests, tournaments, fancy teas, swap meets, and so much more.

Join us in December for Winterfest, a 2-day nerd festival featuring celebrities, vendors, artists, arcades, and more!

How can I help ensure that MomoCon happens in 2022/the future?

2020 and 2021 have been incredibly challenging for us, much like they have been for a lot of the world. We are fortunate to have been able to postpone the in-person event twice, however it hasn’t been without significant difficulties. Several of our pre-paid bills in 2019 have been carried over to 2021, however they have not been able to provide any refunds to us for cash flow in the interim 2 years. Other financial obligations, when cancelled, have come with hefty penalties for cancellation that are unavoidable. Due to this, we absolutely welcome all help, and the best ways you can support the convention are:

  • Carry over your membership to 2022 (if you have already purchased)
  • Purchase a membership for 2022
  • Purchase a ticket to Winterfest, our new mini-celebration this December.
  • Check out our store at (also a great way to support some of our partner charities and help others in need)
  • Tell your friends to come to MomoCon 2022 and Winterfest!
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