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We at MomoCon on Tour host tournaments and analog game days throughout the year!  Stay tuned for information on upcoming game days.

MomoCon Game Days are open to all, almost always free to attend, and in conjunction with local stores and venues that are awesome for open play throughout the year, not just on a game day!

Tabletop Game Day at Infinite Realities!

Jan 13th, 2019

Infinite Realties
5007 Lavista Road, Tucker, Georgia 30084

MomoCon is proud to host a Tabletop Game Festival at the brand new comic shop Infinite Realities! We’ll be having board and tabletop game gurus coming out with large collections, RPGers, and more CCGs than you can shake a stick at! We will have instructors on site to teach most games, so even if you are new to something, don’t be afraid!

Want to be a part of an upcoming game day?  Contact us at info@momocon.com for info on running games, participating, or getting trained to teach games at MomoCon as part of our Tabletop Gaming volunteer staff!

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