MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA



Services for DSC_6162
attendees with disabilities, medical conditions, or children

MomoCon is happy to provide the following services and information for our attendees with disabilities who plan to attend the 2019 event! We aim to help make the experience as easy as possible for everyone.  Due to the convention’s limited resources, convention staff may be required to discuss your reasonable accommodation with you in order to attempt to meet your needs. 

Wheelchair/ECV rentals

The GWCC provides a limited amount of wheelchair rentals, contact Guest Services at the GWCC for more information.  The GWCC can also help arrange for rentals of ECVs or specific accessibility needs.  MomoCon does not provide wheelchair rentals.

Registration aid

If you have issues standing for long periods or have needs related to disabilities, please proceed to the Registration desk labeled “Will Call/Disabilities” at the registration area.

Accessibility for the physically challenged

Handicapped parking is available in all GWCC lots and many downtown lots around the venue; all spaces require a valid permit to be displayed at all times.  The GWCC Red parking section is the closest to the venue, has multiple elevators for access, and maintains a covered walkway into the GWCC directly from parking.

The Omni hotel provides accessibility rooms upon request.  Please contact the Omni directly about your room needs.  Our other local hotels also provide the same service.

Seating for Events

Each large programming space at MomoCon is outfitted with several disability seating locations, including some cut outs for ECVs and wheelchairs. Please let the volunteer staff at the door to the room know if you need special accommodation (end of row, close to front, etc.) and we will accommodate as available.

MomoCon has a policy of not clearing rooms between panels, but in the case of a line, chairs will be provided for those who cannot stand for long periods of time.  If you need extra chairs, please ask any volunteer and they will be happy to assist.

Our disability guests are not guaranteed early or special access to any events.  We will attempt to accommodate all requests, however some events do fill up, and we do not have the ability to let in any further people, disabilities or otherwise. To make the process easier, disability guests may be loaded into a room early should the need arise, but it is done on a case-by-case basis.

Service Animals

Trained service dogs are welcome in most locations throughout the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel. Guests who use service dogs must retain control of their animals at all times and must keep them on a leash or harness while visiting. Service dogs are welcome to use any open outdoor area for relief as long as the owner picks up after the animal and leaves the area clean. Pets and non-service animals/ESAs are not permitted inside the GWCC or Omni Hotel event space unless specific written permission is provided by each venue.

Bringing a pet or untrained animal into a crowded venue is extremely dangerous to everyone around including the pet itself, other people, and other trained service dogs.  

Learn about service dogs via the ADA here

Other attendees should refrain from harassing or petting service animals at any time for any reason.

Small Children/Pregnant Attendees

Please be cautious with small children in any large, crowded environment. MomoCon does not provide any type of childcare, so please plan accordingly. We have no convention-wide public announcement system; please keep an eye on children at all times. Most events at MomoCon are appropriate for all ages, but some events taking place after 8pm may be too “blue” for some younger kids. MomoCon does not host any 18+ programming.

Please note, unless specific circumstances merit, our Safety volunteers do not have the ability to seek out missing attendees over the age of 18.  If you have been separated from a party member, please attempt to locate them personally, or contact the on-site APD for help if you think the situation is serious.  Have a planned meetup location for your party should you become separated, in advance of the event.

Our pregnant attendees with mobility issues are welcome to use any function available to disabled guests as well, including GWCC wheelchair rentals, special panel accommodations, etc.

Advisory about crowded areas/flashing lights

In general, conventions such as MomoCon can become crowded, to the point of discomfort for those who have crowd anxiety. Please plan accordingly, and be aware of a few areas that are less crowded or have fixed seating spaced out in the case that you should need to utilize them:

Screening rooms while events are in session (ingress and egress can be crowded between events)
Medical area in the GWCC
Tables in the gaming space not allocated for specific games
Omni hotel lobby areas, specifically in the South Tower
AFK Room (specific location TBA)

Full maps will be available online prior to MomoCon in the late spring 2018, as well as on the MomoCon app and in the program book on-site.

Some events may have strobe lighting, bright flashing lights, or other effects that may be detrimental to those with light sensitivity, specifically any raves or dances.  Please consult your physician about your specific needs prior to attending MomoCon if you have these issues.