MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA


Convention Policies

We at MomoCon want you to have the best time possible at the convention, but to do that you, as an attendee, should be aware of some of our policies.  If you have any questions on site at the event, feel free to ask at the Information Desk locations.

Prop & Weapons Policy (2018)
List of things that are banned at MomoCon
Behavior/Harassment Policy (2018)
Attendees with Disabilities



By entering MomoCon, all members and badge holders agree to have their photos taken by MomoCon volunteer staff for promotional purposes. MomoCon agrees not to use the photos in any other manner besides promotion and not to sell the photos to any third party.

Photography is allowed and encouraged at the convention! However, if someone does not wish their picture to be taken, refrain from photographing them.  Also, if you need to take a picture, be quick about it and do not block hallways or entrances. There will be an opportunities all weekend for anyone to have their picture taken by our convention photographer(s), so don’t worry about catching everyone’s picture!

Photographers are asked to not set up any lighting structures or backdrops that are not immediately portable.  Photographers may be asked to move these structures due to traffic flow at any time.

Please refrain from using photographic devices or videography in any showing room or main movie presentation. You are welcome to take many pictures during events such as the costume contest!


At MomoCon, we pride ourselves on being an all-ages convention. We encourage all guests to bring their kids or young friends without having to worry about adult programming or material in the Dealers’ Room.  Programming with stronger language is marked by a diamond and ‘language advisory’ in the program book and app.  MomoCon cannot accommodate, predict, or take responsibility for the language and behavior of other members, nor will MomoCon take responsibility for any minors at the event.

However, the convention space will become very crowded and it is recommended that an adult accompany all minors at all times. There is no convention-wide public announcement system, so please keep an eye on children! If you should have a problem with a lost child, please contact any security member or the Information Desk and the volunteer staff will help in any way they can.

When registering for membership on site or picking up a membership badge after pre-purchasing online, members under 16 will require a responsible party 18 or older to sign to pick up a badge.  Members 16 and older will require photo ID to pick up a badge.


We know that a convention is about having a good time, but for our attendees safety, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, such as fighting/sparring (fake or real, including sword swinging), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, failure to observe basic hygiene, public inebriation (or similar intoxication), or any other failure to follow the rules.

MomoCon can and will take action against any type of disruptive behavior, even beyond the behaviors mentioned. Attendees that cause these types of problems may be warned, asked to leave, or even face inquiries from the police (depending on severity).  Please take a look at the detailed Behavior/Harassment Policies.

Lost badges will not be replaced, due to issues with misuse of replacement policies in the past. Please take care of your badge once issued.

Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings, this includes e-cigarettes and vaping. Offensive or revealing attire is not permitted. No costume is no costume.  Please refer to the Dress Code policies listed below.

MomoCon prohibits signs or other materials that are not part of a specific costume.  This includes (but is not limited to) “Hugs for a quarter”, “Free hugs”, “Will do x for y”, etc.

Personal Sound devices must be kept at a low volume at all times, especially near panel and event rooms.  If MomoCon volunteer staff or venue staff asks an individual to turn down the volume of a device, the individual must comply immediately.

Shoes are required to be worn inside the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni hotel.

Pets are not allowed in any event space in the GWCC or Omni (please contact individual hotels for any pets-in-guest-rooms policies), with the exception of service animals.

Posting of Announcements or Fliers is prohibited at MomoCon with the exception of groups in the Fan/Organization Tables area (and only then in the prescribed area).  Those found distributing literature, flyers, handouts, etc. without permission will be asked to leave the premises.

MomoCon is a 24 hour event, however sleeping in event rooms/space is never permitted.

Crossing over/stepping over a low curtain, stanchion, or other type of barrier without permission may result in an instant suspension of membership and removal from the premises.  Barriers are put up for specific safety and personal property security reasons.

Illegal substances are never permitted at MomoCon events.  The sale and distribution of illegal or controlled substances will result in reporting to the on-site local authorities, APD, etc.  In the city of Atlanta, open containers of alcohol are also prohibited outdoors.  Anyone knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol or aiding others in providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will be turned over immediately to the APD and local authorities.

The minimum for coverage is bikini top and shorts for women, shorts and shirt for men. If you are a man whose costume involves being shirtless, or a woman in a bikini-style costume without full rear end coverage, please bring a shirt or jacket to wear around when not taking photos (taking this off while taking photos is a-ok!).  Overly offensive shirts/apparel are not permitted.  You’ll be asked to change, turn the shirt inside out, or leave. This includes offensive group periphernalia (Nazi, KKK, etc.), and anything that would be considered offensive to the general populous, at MomoCon’s discretion. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR COSTUMES.

Service Dogs

Trained service dogs are welcome in most locations throughout the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel. Guests who use service dogs must retain control of their animals at all times and must keep them on a leash or harness while visiting. Service dogs are welcome to use any open outdoor area for relief as long as the owner picks up after the animal and leaves the area clean. Pets and non-service animals/ESAs are not permitted inside the GWCC or Omni Hotel event space unless specific written permission is provided by each venue.

Bringing a pet or untrained animal into a crowded venue is extremely dangerous to everyone around including the pet itself, other trained service dogs, and other attendees.  

Learn about service dogs via the ADA here

Other attendees should refrain from harassing or petting service animals at any time for any reason.

Complaints/Issues (Before and After Con)

At any time if you have issues, need to leave feedback, need to reach someone within the convention, etc., feel free to stop by the Information Desk, they can help get you to the correct contact.  Should you feel harassed or unsafe at any point, on site APD officers, MomoCon Volunteer Safety Team (who will have signs around the venue with a reporting text line), and venue security are available at all times.

Should you have a restraining order or other legal document prohibiting another party from taking part in the event, please contact us at info@momocon.com.  MomoCon takes no responsibility for policing individuals, but will comply with all law enforcement requests and court requests to the best of our ability regarding members and badge holders.

The most important thing you can do is report all issues promptly so they can be addressed promptly and prevented in the future.

CNN Center

MomoCon takes place across multiple venues in the downtown area, including the Omni Hotel, Georgia World Congress Center, and surrounding spaces. These areas prohibit some or all of the following: firearms, metal swords/blades, all live steel capable of holding an edge (sharpened or not). Additionally the CNN Center prohibits face coverings or masks or large props. You may be asked to put away these items in prohibited areas.

Tipping Guide

In the United States, it is customary to tip in addition to payment for a variety of services.  While there are no legal repercussions to not tipping, several professions make a large amount of their income from tipping and it’s very bad form not to.

In general, Doormen and Bellmen customarily receive tips of $1-2, more if they carry a large number of bags.  At Restaurants, tips between 15-20% of the meal are customary, where as at bars, tipping $1-2 per drink is the standard.  Room Service usually has gratuity included in the charge, but extra tips are always appreciated by the staff.  Housekeeping at your hotel room, especially if you have left a large mess, is customary to tip $1-5 per night, and if you request items sent up to your room from the front desk, a tip of $1-2 is appropriate.  Taxis are generally tipped 10-20% on the total fare, a tip of $1-5 is appropriate for rideshare services (Uber, Lyft), and many include the option when finalizing fare on the app.

There is no need to tip front desk staff and it is not expected, as well as any maintenance workers from the hotel for fixing issues in the room.

The Legal Stuff

MomoCon welcomes all attendees, but MomoCon management reserves the right to deny or revoke membership for any individual, at any time, for any reason.  This may be in response to significant issues with policies detailed on this page, disruptive behavior, or other factors that interfere with the enjoyment of everyone.  MomoCon also reserves the right to amend or alter these rules at any time without prior notice should a situation necessitate this.  Attendees of MomoCon attend at their own risk. MomoCon takes no responsibility for any damages incurred to property or person of guests, artists, dealers, or attendees.

Those who chose to purchase a membership, any individual who receives a badge or entry to MomoCon agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MomoCon from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising out of any individual’s activities at MomoCon.  Members, vendors, guests, and others with badges for admission to the event will be required to provide proof of membership (via badge display for the corresponding day of attendance) to be admitted to the event.

Member badges are the property of MomoCon through the duration of the event and must be presented and/or surrendered to any Volunteer Safety, APD, or venue security requesting it.  Should this be refused, proper authorities will escort the individual out of the venue.  If you have issues with any volunteer or hired security, please report the incident to Information Desks or the Safety Office depending on the severity and situation.  We take feedback about volunteers, our hired partners, and others involved with MomoCon extremely seriously and will address all issues as soon as possible. The most important thing you can do is report all issues promptly so they can be addressed and avoided in the future.

MomoCon accepts no liability for actions of any kind taken by individuals in the confines of private hotel rooms or in non-convention spaces.  Responsibility for incidents occurring in hotel guest rooms rests solely upon the individual in whose name the room is rented. This includes payment for any damages, any illegal activities, charges to the room, etc.

All applicable local, state, and federal laws apply in all parts of MomoCon and must be followed.