MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA



Because of some past confusion as to the rules at MomoCon, provided below is a list of items/actions that will result in punishment that range from a warning to removal from the convention to inquiries from the Atlanta Police Department. Ignorance of these policies is not an excuse, so please tell anyone you know that intends to attend MomoCon.

Don’t bring these to con:

Projectile Props/Toys or Prop firearms that do not conform to our our full weapons policy. It also includes guidelines on other types of prop weaponry.
Signs. Absolutely no cardboard/paper signs (i.e. “free hugs”, “the game”, etc.). Exceptions for signs that are part of costumes (i.e. “Objection” Phoenix Wright signs). No non-costume sign is immune to this rule, no matter how innocuous.
Overly offensive shirts/apparel.  You’ll be asked to change, turn the shirt inside out, or leave. This includes offensive group periphernalia (Nazi, KKK, etc.), and anything that would be considered offensive to the general populous, at MomoCon’s discretion. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR COSTUMES.
You, without clothes.  Wear some. The minimum for coverage is bikini top and shorts for women, shorts and shirt for men. If you are a man whose costume involves being shirtless, or a woman in a bikini-style costume without full rear end coverage, please bring a shirt or jacket to wear around when not taking photos.
Roller skates or stilts indoors. Skate all you like on the sidewalk.
Wares to sell if you are not a vendor or artist.  This is one of the fastest ways to get kicked out of the convention.
Alcohol. If you are under 21, you shouldn’t be having it anyway. If you are over 21, there are plenty of good places to go to imbibe around downtown Atlanta or at the Omni Bar or Taco Mac, don’t bring anything onto convention floors. We don’t want to have to escort you out for something you can quite legally do at any number of bars and restaurants near the convention.

Don’t do this AT con:

Spar or fight in any way.  If you are expert enough to be qualified in some form of martial arts, please have the presence of mind to refrain from sparring in front of impressionable and unqualified eyes. This includes swinging swords or bokken.  No exceptions.
Block traffic. Costumes and cosplayers will be around all weekend. Don’t block traffic to get that one great shot. You’ll have ample opportunity.
Shout in enclosed areas.  That’s what outdoors are for. This is an offense that will get you a warning or kicked out for excessive offenses. “Marco Polo” isn’t so fun on the car ride home.
Stop eating/bathing/doing basic hygene rituals.
Tie yourself to another person, including leashes. It’s a problem waiting to happen.
Be a creeper. Please review the Behavior/Harassment Policy.