MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA



Autograph Policies 2018

Please limit personal items to be signed to two per person for any guest signing more than one autograph for free to keep the line moving and ensure that everyone has a chance to get an autograph.  Some of our guests are VERY popular and we don’t want anyone to miss out!  Can’t make an autograph session?  We try to schedule at least a few for most guests, but are sometimes at the limitation of our guest’s schedules.  Sometimes autograph sessions are cancelled, we don’t have any control over it.  Please be courteous to Autograph volunteer staff, they are doing their best to help you meet your favorite celebrity!

Some guests will be very popular, we recommend you use the Line Reservation Pass system or line up in advance.  Can’t get a pass?  We will still have many opportunities for traditional line-up autographs!

A note about autographs: While the majority of guests for MomoCon will be signing the first autograph for free, some do charge a fee.  This fee is set by the guest or the guest’s agent, and is not in any way set by or collected for MomoCon. Please be courteous and respectful to all guests.  Notations about guests with fees will be on signs in and around the autograph room.


Autograph Ticketing 2018

We at MomoCon understand that it’s very frustrating to want to get an autograph from a popular guest, but not be able to due to a large line, or a long wait.  We have implemented a system for all schedule guest autograph sessions that should help ease the pain of autographs for those who really want to get a signature from a guest!
How it works: At 10am each day, the Autograph ticketing booth (located in the Exhibit Hall) will open and you can get a ticket for any autograph session that day (while supplies last).  Come back during that session (15 minutes beforehand), and you’ll be able to get your autograph!* Think of it like a movie theater box office, you can get your ticket until they are sold out, limit one ticket per person per celebrity per day.
*It will still involve a line, but you’ll be in the queue and good to go!  We do not guarantee against unexpected guest issues/cancellations.
What if I don’t get a ticket?  Not ALL of the autograph sessions are completely ticketed.  50% of the availability for the session will still be for traditional walkup, so if you come to the normal autograph time and line up in advance, you still have a chance to get an autograph.  The ticketing merely makes it a little bit easier for folks who come in advance, to have a semi-guaranteed autograph as opposed to those who choose to wait in line for the chance.
What if there is a big crowd at the table? We try to have more sessions for more popular guests, but sometimes the demand is very high, so passes might be sold out.  Our guests have a really good draw and can only physically sign so many things during the weekend.  We are happy to provide two opportunities (ticketed and walk up) for every guest to try to accommodate as many people as possible!

Walk of Fame

To give some more opportunity for our guests to interact with fans (and fans to get more autographs), a set of guests will be part of our new Walk of Fame!
Walk of Fame guests:
-Will have dedicated weekend-long tables, giving more opportunity beyond 1 autograph session per day for guests to sign!
-Will have fees for autographs, currently listed per guest at momocon.com/guests
-Will have extra sessions subject to the guests' availability beyond the scheduled times
-Will not have any ticketing, all of the autographs will have a line up.
-Extra signing times will be listed at the guest's area near the line up locations.
We hope this will help accommodate more attendees who wish to get autographs from our popular guests!
Walk of Fame guests*:
-Sean Schemmel
-Chris Sabat
-Chris Parson
-Elise Zhang
-Carey Means
-Nolan North
-Troy Baker
-Doug Cockle
*Guests are only signing days they are in attendance for MomoCon.  To see dates of attendance, refer to momocon.com/guests.  Guests not listed who are participating in signings will have scheduled times in the Autographs area, detailed above.