Got that great costume ready and can’t wait for the next convention? Join us for a photoshoot!  Most shoots are 100% free and open to the cosplaying public (or general geek public if you care to hang around), and feature the great photos of our talented photography staff as well as some great guest photographers!


Some shoots are themed, but most are not, and all costumes are always welcome!  Join us!






Life University Fall Shoot11522541373_00dae0aea2_z

Who: Open to all
What: Photoshoot on the grounds of Life University
When: Saturday, Nov. 8th, 10am – 3pm
Where: Life University
1269 Barclay Cir SE, Marietta, Georgia 30060

Come and join us on the beautiful grounds of the LIFE University Campus to show off your costumes. Photographers and models will have their opportunity to take the photos they want in the good company of their fellow cosplayers without the crowds and hardships of trying to make a cosplay last through a convention day.

At the Life University photoshoot, there will be staff photographers on site to capture cosplayers in their glory against a variety of backgrounds. The fall leaves should be at their peak. Backgrounds around the photoshoot site on Life University Campus include bridges, a creek, a pond, an old village with a mill, stone walls and stone benches, and a small waterfall.

Join with your friends for a day of lasting memory and fun!  Parking is FREE!!

MomoCon Photo Shoot rules and tips

Do not bring the following
-Real Weapons (props are easy to find)
-Projectile Weapon/Toys or Prop firearms that do not conform to our
-Overly offensive shirts/apparel. You’ll be asked to change, turn the shirt inside out, or leave. This includes gratuitous cursing, offensive group periphernalia (Nazi, KKK, etc.), and anything that would be considered offensive to the general populous, at MomoCon’s discretion. No exceptions for costumes.
-You, without clothes. Wear some. The minimum for coverage is bikini top and shorts for women, shorts and shirt for men. If you are a man whose costume involves being shirtless, or a woman in a bikini-style costume, please bring a shirt or jacket to wear around when not taking photos the weather is going to be cool.
-Wares to sell. This is a photo shoot.
-Alcohol, for the safety of everyone please wait until the you are no longer on the LIFE University Campus.
-No explosives or chemicals including, but not limited to, fireworks, smoke pots, flash paper, etc.

Do not do the following
-Spar or fight in any way. Posing in Fighting stances are okay but no actual contact can be made with any background property or people.
-Until posing time please treat prop firearms carefully. Fingers off triggers. Don’t point it at anyone (including yourself). NO EXCEPTIONS
-Block traffic. Costumes and cosplayers will be asked to be mindful of the traffic. Don’t block traffic to get that one great shot. You’ll have ample opportunity.
-Be a creeper.

Do the following
-Ask for permission before taking a Cosplayers Photo
-Keep your hands to yourself when in group photos. Unless express permission is given by the party you are posing with.
-Bring a jacket/coat, as the weather could be rather cool.
-Take care of your props and personal items
-Respect the Staff members of both MOMOCON and LIFE UNIVERSITY
-Remember to have fun.

Etiquette for Cosplay Photographers
-Ask for permission.
-Respect the cosplayer and other Photographers.
-Remind the cosplayer that the photos might be made public.

Etiquette for Cosplayers
– Know when to say “NO”, don’t ever do anything that your uncomfortable with.
– Know your physical limitations, don’t strain yourself posing.
– Don’t attack, slander and/or quarrel with other cosplayers.


Cosplayers on Ice 2014

Who: Open to all
What: Ice Skating & Photoshoot
When: Sunday, Dec. 7th, 3pm-6pm
Where: Centennial Park Ice Rink
Costs: Photoshoot, free. The park charges a rink fee and a small skate rental fee, if you wish to skate.


MomoCon will be invading Centennial Park for a seventh year of fun on-and-off the ice! Door prizes will be given away, courtesy of MomoCon on Tour. A photographer will also be onsite to capture the days events. Cosplayers are asked to leave all weapon-props at home for this very-public event.

The photoshoot is free, but skating costs $10 (including skate rental).  All costume types are welcome, and we will be taking many shots in and around the rink and the park.  Toward the end of the shoot, all cosplayers are asked to gather at the steps under the large Christmas tree for a group shot!

Why is the shoot on a Sunday this year? In previous years, the SEC game was held at the Georgia Dome on the same day as Cosplayers on Ice.  This caused terrible traffic and greatly increased parking rates.  To avoid this problem, we are hosting Cosplayers on Ice on Sunday.  The Falcons will not be playing a home game that day either, so traffic should be minimal in the area.

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