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We at MomoCon on Tour host tournaments and analog game days throughout the year!  Stay tuned for information on upcoming game days.

Tabletop Game Day

October 18th – 11am – 11pm

Georgia Tech Student Center
3rd floor
350 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332
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*Note: The main Student Center parking lot is now $1.50-2 an hour on the weekend, but the deck directly behind the lot is free on weekends if accessible and various campus parking is available. Street parking is by permit only, use at your own risk*

MomoCon is proud to host a Tabletop Game Festival at the Georgia Tech Student Center 3rd floor! We’ll be having board and tabletop game gurus coming out with large collections, RPGers, and more CCGs than you can shake a stick at! We will have instructors on site to teach most games, so even if you are new to something, don’t be afraid!

If you are a local group who would like to come game with us or help out with the events in the future, please mail We are always looking for help of all types, including staffers and people to run games!



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