MomoCon on Tour features semi-formal and formal dances during the year.  Each dance features either a DJ playing current hits, golden standards, anime and video game mixes, and requests, or a live band (for formal events).  Dress codes for these events are enforced, please do not attend any event without proper attire or you will not be admitted.

MomoCon_TwilightBallPosterWEB (1)The Georgia Aquarium Oceans Ballroom will be our backdrop to an evening of moonlight court festivities, featuring custom photo backdrops and set pieces, classic stylings of anime and game music (as well as formal standards), dinner crafted by Wolfgang Puck catering, gift bags for each attendee, and special giveaways all evening!


As this is a masquerade, masks will be welcome at this event. If you require one, elegant but inexpensive masks will be for sale at registration.

Please choose a mask that is comfortable and does not impede your vision in any way.

No large masks, like ones used with mascot suits or latex halloween masks will be permitted. Again, use your best judgement. If you are not sure, please send us a photo at

Twilight Masquerade FAQ

Why does the event have a specific dress code? We are hosting a fully formal event, and wish to create a formal atmosphere.  If you wish to attend our regular semi-formal affairs in semi-formal dress, please wait for the next event! 

Can I request songs? While the set list will not be the same modern pop as our usual semi-formal events, we are taking requests before the event for formal dancing music.  Please email us with any suggestions!  We will not be taking requests on site.

Why is the price higher than normal? The Oceans Ballroom is an incredibly unique venue in which we are able to host an event, and the event comes with full gift bags and a meal, similar to traditional Proms.  We are taking a loss on the event to bring it to the community, and have discounted the price as such as far as we can.



This event is, “Black Tie Invited.” You must be dressed appropriately or you will be denied entry. Ticket refunds for inappropriately dressed attendees will be given.

Formal attire from all eras are welcome, as are costumes of a formal nature. When choose a formal Momocon-Fancy_Mancosplay, ask yourself, “Would my character wear this for a formal or special occasion?”  Please use your best judgement.

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to send us a photo of your outfit to

The absolute minimum we require is a long sleeved button up shirt with tie, paired with slacks and proper dress shoes. Jackets are required. Please tuck in your shirts. Tuxedos or suits are encouraged. If you wish, a waist coat, vest with cravat, etc., is also acceptable. Military uniforms are of course welcome, real or fictional, as long as it is done respectfully.

The absolute minimum we require is a cocktail dress of knee length or longer. Cocktail dresses are perfectly acceptable as long as they meet the length requirement. Please refrain from risque dresses that leave little to the imagination. This is a ball, not a party at the club. A floor length ballgown is encouraged.Momo_Fancy_Woman

Should a lady dislike dresses and prefer men’s wear, they may refer to the gentlemen’s dress code for appropriate attire. Should a gentleman dislike menswear and prefer dresses, they may refer to the ladies’ dress code for appropriate attire.  At no point is satire or comedic intent via inappropriate dress allowed.

Please refrain from wearing the following:
• T-Shirts, Jeans, and Shorts

• Tennis Shoes and Flip Flops

• Trench coats or other outerwear

• Wings, Jetpacks, or other large accessories

Weapons of any kind, real or prop, will not be permitted.


Winter Semi-Formal Ball, 2013

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