MAY 24th - 27th 2018 / Atlanta, GA


MomoCon 2017 Influencer Program

Do you stream games on Twitch, or have a YouTube channel? Then there may be an opportunity for you to participate in MomoCon 2017! MomoCon has a history of working with many different online personalities for panels as well as meet and greets, and we are opening the doors for even more. Starting at MomoCon 2017, we will have dedicated area for streamers to host scheduled meet and greets with their fans, as well as the opportunity to livestream games from the exhibit floor. We will also be hosting even more panels for groups of livestreamers and content creators, which itself can potentially be livestreamed from the event. Lastly, we will be creating a program to sponsor your channel providing you with MomoCon 2017 memberships to give out to your followers.

We welcome influencers of all sizes, though the larger your reach, the more opportunities there are:

1. Start off with a referral url, where revenue from membership sales is shared with you for any of your audience that purchases.

2. For groups with more active fans, we can provide you with 4-day memberships to MomoCon 2017 to raffle off to your audience.

3. If you will be at MomoCon 2017 yourself, we can provide you with a scheduled time to stream live from the exhibit floor.

4. If you will have fans coming to MomoCon, we can work with you to schedule time for an officially hosted meet and greet in our exhibit hall that will be listed on the MomoCon schedule.

5. Those with even larger groups of fans at MomoCon 2017, we can provide you one of our select timeslots for a scheduled panel which we can even livestream on Twitch. We welcome individuals from multiple groups to collaborate on one panel.

6. We can even work with you and other streamers you collaborate with to do even more at MomoCon depending on your specialty, we are open to talking more details with you to make a great experience for you and your fans at MomoCon

If you are interested in participating in any of the above, just take a few moments to fill out the following form: