MAY 24th - 27th 2018 / Atlanta, GA


MomoCon 2016 Artist Alley Application FAQ

Where is the Alley this year? Is it in the GWCC?

The Artist Alley will be located in one of the Hall A-1 alongside the Dealers, in the northwest quadrant of the room. It is located directly next to the Dealers on the east, autographs and other dealers on the south, and no artist table will be facing a wall (the last row backs up to the wall and faces out).  There is not physical divider between artists and dealers for optimal flow.

How big is the Artist Alley this year? How many tables are there?

The Artists Alley for MomoCon 2017 will be around the same size as the 2016 event.  We care about the variety and ability for sales for our Artists and thus always try to avoid overfilling the room.  The Alley will likely still sell out extremely quickly.

What comes with a table purchase?

As with the previous years, each table purchase comes with a 6-foot table, 2 chairs, and 2 passes. If additional passes are needed for assistants, they may be purchased at regular con price, or obtained from other artists who do not need their second pass (either through purchase at a reasonable price or donation; more information available after application processing).

Is fanart allowed?

Fanart is allowed unless we receive notification from copyright-holding parties to limit its presence. However, fanart is defined as merchandise and prints that include the likeness of a character, symbol, or other copyrighted property, not official goods. Any goods traditionally qualified as “bootleg” (manufactured in China, unofficial, intended to appear official or defraud) will not be allowed.

In previous years major anime companies have been present at MomoCon and are likely to be again, including Funimation, Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks, Viz Media.  Any requests that they have for copyright violations will be taken with utmost seriousness upon presentation.  Funimation has stipulated that any use of official names and/or logos (i.e. labeling things “Hetalia” or using Dragon Ball Z logos) will have a zero tolerance from the official company representatives.  MomoCon will comply with any requests from US licence holders.

Is there anything I can’t sell?

The Artist Alley allows handmade, drawn, and printed crafts; food (including teas or dried foods), drinks, traced art from official or not original sources, and official merchandise are not allowed. As Momocon is an all-ages convention, we currently do not allow the sale of 18+ material or bladed weapons.  Because we receive many questions about it, we will reiterate that all foodstuffs are not allowed in the Artists Alley, especially hand-made foodstuffs. The Georgia World Congress Center has strict food rules and even approved vendors (such as the food carts you see in the hall set up by the venue) carry millions of dollars in insurance coverage.  This includes all food products, including dried foods or consumables.

Can I share a table with someone?

You are allowed to share a table with another artist, however, it is up to you and your table partner to negotiate payment. You can’t purchase half of a table; you must apply together and send a single payment. However; if you and your table partner are selling vastly different kinds of merchandise, you may list that on the application.

How are applications handled? Is it a juried process?

Currently, we feel that switching to a juried/judged application process would prevent us from embracing new and less established talent, as well as limit the variety of merchandise available in the Artist Alley. As such, this upcoming year we will be using a modified version of the first come, first serve system via categories. When applications open, there will be categories listed to describe the kind of merchandise you will be selling. If there are multiple categories, you may list more details in a provided text section, but try to narrow it down to one or two. The purpose of using categories is to prevent oversaturation of one particular kind of art or craft. Applications will be handled through a different submission process this year as well, to prevent crashing (via google); however, should an emergency arise alternate directions will be provided prior to registration opening. We apologize if this system is problematic for some, but we are trying our best to accommodate everyone and give newer artists a chance to shine.

When does registration open up?

Registration is Dec. 1st at 9pm EST, 2016.  Be prepared to fill out your studio name (if applicable), full legal name (for internal purposes), contact information, general category of goods (hats, trinkets, buttons, 2D art, plushes, etc.), website (if applicable), and if you are a professional published creator who would like to be considered for the Comic Artists Alley.

In 2017, each Artists Alley table will be $200 and include two full weekend memberships.

New for 2017: Artists will be given confirmation on acceptance and wait list by Dec. 6th.  Be prepared to make payment for your Artists Alley table upon confirmation of reservation/when you apply, payment will be required by Jan. 6th, no exceptions.  Due to some extremely egregious abuses in 2016, we will require up front payment for the spaces when applications are made.  Cancellations and refunds will be available for 60 days (no later than Feb. 6th) after payment per our standard online payment processor procedure.  After 60 days, transfers (that will require MomoCon Artists Alley volunteer staff approval) are available, but the artist will need to arrange for any transfer/payments of money and to get approval and changes confirmed through the MomoCon Artists Alley volunteer staff themselves (MomoCon will not handle any refunds or money after the 30 day window).  No transfers can be made within 30 days before the event.  Artists with empty or abandoned tables will face sanction from the Artists Alley volunteer staff and may be prohibited from participating in the AA at any time in the future.

Payments: Payments for Artists Alley tables may be made only via Paypal account or credit/debit card (the processor is Paypal but you can use any type of credit or debit card).  We will not take checks or cash at any time, please make accommodations.

Why the strict rules about up front payments, transfers, and refunds?  In 2016 especially, a very large number of artists reserved tables, passed many payment deadlines and were given accommodations and forgiveness from the AA vol staff, and still dropped their tables at a late date, causing much frustration for our room designers, AA vol staff, accounting, and many others.  This was also extremely disrespectful to those artists who were unable to secure a table during the initial reservation period due to the high number of applicants and demand, only to have that taken table be tossed aside at a late date when the original wait list artists (who were very interested) did not have time to make accommodations to sell.  We ask those who are interested in selling at the MomoCon Artists Alley make that decision before the refund deadline, to make the process smoother for everyone and allow those who would like to sell the opportunity to do so with enough time to craft product for the event.  Should emergencies occur, transfers of tables are available, but it is the responsibility of the confirmed artist to make the accommodations for the transfer.

What is the Comic Artists Alley?Comic AA example

Because MomoCon is adding Comics as a main focus, we are adding also another AA section known at the Comic Artists Alley.  This alley will be smaller than the general AA, and feature solicited comic guests for MomoCon and published inkers, artists, writers, and graphic novelists selling primarily their own books, artwork, and commissions.  If you wish to be considered to be a part of this section, please check the applicable box on your application form.  Keep in mind, the significant majority of this section of the Alley is for MomoCon-solicited professional guests, so it will have limited opportunities.

As and example in this photo, this artist is working at the Hero Cats booth.  Hero Cats is a published comic by Action Labs, the items for sale at the booth include their comics, hats made of the characters (so related directly to Hero Cats comics), artwork from the comics on prints, and he is doing commissions and custom covers as requested.